Membership Advantages


Play with your very own Lucky Numbers: Each syndicate member can pick their own 5 main numbers. 150 members each with 5 personal lucky numbers every week, that’s a lot of luck to go around.

Lucky Star Guarantee: The lucky stars are selected to ensure that whatever combination is draw your syndicate will have it. With just one correct main number here and the winning begins.

Exclusive members’ only area: Sign in to your personal area to check winnings, syndicate tips, change lucky numbers, confirm pay-outs and alter your contact information. All secure and easy to use! 100% Pay-outs: 100% of your syndicate winnings as displayed at will be paid out evenly amongst syndicate members.

Be in to win: Our service promises that you will never miss a draw again. Our electronic safeguards ensure all tickets are purchased well in advance of the weekly draw. When your numbers come in, you can start celebrating.

£39 per month: A share in all winnings from at least 600 EuroMillion tickets per month.

Payments Protected by BACS Direct Debit Guarantee.

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