1. Question: How do I know with which numbers I am playing?

Answer: Each e-LUK syndicate of 150 people will have 150 lines allocated to it. Once you become a member of an e-LUK syndicate, the playing numbers for your syndicate will be confirmed to you by email. You will be given the option to select five main numbers (from 1 – 50) for one line, however if you choose not to do so, we will select your five main numbers on your behalf and we may change these numbers from time to time. You will have the option to change your numbers and details of how to do this is set out in the terms and conditions. Your two lucky stars (from 1 – 11) will be selected by us at random.

2. Question: How do I pay for my membership of the e-LUK syndicate?

Answer: To insure that no extra costs arise during your participation, we use a Direct Debit payment system where your personal details are supplied by you and protected by your banks security system. To insure maximum security your personal data is transferred in code. In addition, this system enables e-LUK to transfer your winnings directly and safely into your personal bank account.

3. Question: When do we receive payment from our successful e-LUK syndicate?

Answer: All successful e-LUK syndicate winnings are transferred to the winning syndicate members' online account at the end of each playing period. You can access your on-line account via the e-LUK Portal or make a direct enquiry by e-mail. Upon request all outstanding credit will be transferred directly into your personal bank account. (Small transfers may incur a bank charge). Each e-LUK winning syndicate member is entitled to an equal share in their successful e-LUK syndicate winnings.

4. Question: How secure is the system used to transfer my personal details?

Answer: To ensure maximum security, all personal details supplied to e-LUK are transferred in code. Your encoded details will not be passed on to a third party, or sold for financial gain.

5. Question: What happens if I win?

Answer: Of course e-LUK will inform you of your successes in the form of a written update following each playing period. You can see how much we have deposited into your on-line account. Any winnings will be automatically transferred once per month to your nominated bank account. Your will receive an equal share of your e-LUK syndicate’s winnings. You can check your syndicate’s numbers and winnings and update your personal details at any time, by simply logging in to your member account via the e-LUK home page. Winning amounts will be calculated and paid out based upon official confirmation of winning EuroMillions numbers once we have received the winnings.

6. Question: What happens if I fail to pay my membership fees on time?

Answer: If there are not sufficient funds in your nominated bank account to cover the monthly membership fees you will not be allocated syndicate and will not participate in the associated month’s playing period. e-LUK may send you a bill to cover administration costs each time you do not honour your membership payment agreement.

7. Question: How do I know if my application to join a syndicate was successful?

Answer: Our contract with you will commence when we take the first membership fee payment from you. You will then be sent a confirmation letter from e-LUK which will contain a copy of our details about how to access your member account on the e-LUK website. Enclosed you will find a copy of your participation contract, for your personal records. In addition, you are able to check your participation status on-line, in your personal log in area, any time you wish. Here you can also see which e-LUK lines you have been allocated for the current playing period.

8. Question: What is a Playing Period?

Answer: A single playing-period runs from 15th of the month until the 14th of the following month. Our standard contract length (Membership Period) is three playing-periods (three months). You have the opportunity to cancel your ongoing membership anytime up to four weeks prior to the end of the final (3rd) playing period; otherwise your membership will automatically continue until we receive a cancellation request from you.

9. Question: What do my fees cover?

Answer: Your fees pay for our administration costs, e-LUK syndicate membership, your monthly updates in the form of an email, continual updating of our internet portal. Your fees are not used to purchase lottery tickets directly, nor will you receive lottery tickets. Tickets in the EuroMillions lottery are purchased by e-LUK and are the sole property of e-LUK. e-LUK will distribute, free of charge, any winnings received to members of e-LUK syndicates whose allocated numbers correctly match those of the winning tickets purchased in the weekly draw of the EuroMillion Lottery. The amount distributed to each e-LUK member will be an equal share of that syndicate’s winning total.

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